About us

Gematopia saw the light in Montreal, Canada when its eccentric founders noticed that no jewelry stores were featuring people from every gender and daring to cross boundaries of expressivity for individuals like you.

With desire for change, we decided to display mesmerizing jewelry and accessories to the world without adding gender labels on our products and by featuring everyone with them. We are very proud to claim our jewelry as "unlabeled", "genderless" and "neutral". Anyone can wear our pieces as they please and we welcome everyone on the boat with self-identity as a priority.

Additionally, Gematopia proves its vision by approaching unconventional yet always stylish manners of wearing traditional jewelry. We support self-expression and creativity in ways that will always intrigue others; be ready for compliments!

Across every pieces can be attached a custom interpretation, sometimes even a story. These descriptions originates from us and invites you for pursue by including them in your everyday occasions. all exposed for you to take advantage of them in the way you would wear the jewels and the way you want to express your very unique self. 

By breaking conventions, we also pass over the usual price tags, Gematopia believes that self-expression should never have to break the bank and it is in this pathway that we put very fair prices across the store for you to enjoy with pleasure first, worries later.